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Community Volunteers

Monarch After Prom is dedicated to hosting a safe, fun, substance free event for our students to attend after their prom has ended. Keeping our kids safe is our number one goal.  

This event is 100% run by PARENTS, and we need YOUR help!

 While After Prom is for Seniors and Juniors — the committee includes parents of Freshman through Seniors. It is a great way to get involved and meet other parents.

And, you don't have to be a Monarch parent to volunteer--we welcome and encourage all community members to join us!





We need a TON of parent volunteers on April 26-27 to make our After Prom "The Greatest Show" Extravaganza a success:

  • Set up ( April 25 -26): includes decorating, setting up tables, hanging lights and everything else required to transform the gyms and cafeteria into an After Prom wonderland!

  • Clean up (11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 27): take down decorations, pack items for storage and get the spaces ready for student use on Monday

Event volunteers  April 26 (10:15 pm - 2:30 am)

  • Coat check/registration: Scan tickets, sell "at the door" tickets, manage the coat check station

  • Security: roving parents to make sure everything is running smoothly

  • Casino dealers: lead the play at blackjack and poker tables

  • Refreshments: Keep food stocked and cafeteria neat and organized

  • Entertainment/games: monitor an individual game or inflatable stations

PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS CONVINCE YOU THEY WILL BE EMBARRASSED IF YOU VOLUNTEER! It's a huge space with hundreds of kids. They'll be busy and you will be busy--we need your help!



We are SO PUMPED to make After Prom an AMAZING experience this year!! Our goal is to TRANSFORM Monarch High into a GIANT CIRCUS!!

We need help in a few areas:

  • Crafting/Painting - Several of the items we want to use for decorations need to be put together. We’re going to have craft work parties that don’t involve power tools.

  • Builders - We are looking to build several items. This building group will meet regularly to build specific items.

Spring Cleaning? We need many things to meet our transformation goals. The more you donate- the less we have to buy!!
Do you have any of the following things to donate?  OR purchase and donate!!

  • Wood picture frames (any sizes)

  • Pool noodles (we need a LOT of these)

  • Fabric (not finished)

  • Curtains/drapes- especially sheer

  • Decorative wall hangings/tablecloths

  • Floor lamps

  • Standing floor mirrors (the kind that don’t attach to doors/walls) 

  • Bean bags to donate

  • RUGS - lots of them- the bigger the better

  • Old chandeliers

  • Any disco/party lighting

  • LED candles

  • Batteries (AAA, AA)

  • Christmas lights- white only - any kind- straight, icicle, net

  • “Fairy” lights

  • Black lights or black light bulbs

  • Power strips

  • Extension cords

  • Hula hoops

  • Wood paint- all colors

  • Painting supplies

If you have things to donate or borrow, please contact Arwen at 832-545-8114 (text preferred) to coordinate drop off/pick up. You can also bring these items to the various work and build parties that are scheduled.

If you’re interested in joining the decorating party to be able to come to several of the different work parties that we have, please email and specify Decorating Party help.

Thank you for your help!!


Questions? Contact:

Christine Roberts (Chair) 

Lisa Ingle

Arwen Jackson

832-545-8114 (text preferred)



We're looking for parents or community members with the following talents who are available on April 26 any time between 11:00pm - midnight:

  • Stilt walkers

  • Jugglers

  • Unicyclists

  • Roller skaters

  • Balloon artists

  • Click below to sign up under "Welcome Entertainment"


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